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4-Marcil- Catch Me If You       Can!-2020-16x16in-Acrylic&Mixed Media on Canvas-$1100.JPG


Laconia Gallery presents:


"J'attends" I am waiting…


Laconia Gallery is pleased to present “J'attends” a solo exhibition with artist Liette Marcil, opening Friday, September 3rd and running through Sunday, October 31st, 2021.  “J'attends”, “I am waiting”, features an impressive collection of mixed media masks and paintings by Montreal-born, Boston-based artist Liette Marcil. Produced between Fall of 2018 and Summer of 2020, this body of work pushes Marcil’s beaux-métier background as a ceramicist into new heights and reflects the artist’s long-standing fascination with otherworldly realms and extraordinary beings, a theme present throughout her prolific career.


“Jattends” expands on the ability to build a bridge between the seen and unseen world, with compositions that depict the images and spirits that emerge from Marcil’s interactions with these multi-dimensional figures.


Intricate clay masks and veiled acrylic paintings are the medium through which these spirits take shape. Portraits of the otherwise invisible or unseen, each of these works emanate their own personality, with magic, intrigue, and curiosity; and while mute, they seemingly connect telepathically, engaging viewers through their own interpretations and experiences, asking them how they perceive the world. Through this unspoken communication, this body of work emanates energy, and deepens the viewers’ expressions of the spiritual.


As you encounter and engage with each of these beings, consider the possibility that they sought expression and presence through Marcil during 2019, breaking through with their premonitions before the world became accustomed to wearing masks as daily routine, and a part of our reality.


A conduit for these spiritual voices, Marcil’s subconscious creations offer a symbolic alternative to what has become the prevailing definition of “mask,” instead focusing on the ideas of consciousness and identity, and how that relationship has formed over time to readdress our interpretation of our shared reality, both seen and unseen.

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